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CMA Digital Markets Taskforce Releases Guidance On Terms Of Reference

 |  March 11, 2020

“Technology is a force for good in the UK. Digital innovation is a major driver of opportunity, productivity and creativity across the whole economy.”

The UK Government wants to ensure that it can sustain, intensify, and spread this growth. The Government is committed to making sure that digital markets work for all:

  • to enable disruptors to challenge incumbents
  • to empower consumers through choice and control
  • to support quality services and content online
  • to provide industry, especially SMEs, with fair access to digital markets to be able grow their businesses

This Guidance sets out the terms of reference for the digital markets taskforce, which was established at Budget in March 2020.

The taskforce will run for a period of 6 months to provide government with advice on the potential design and implementation of pro-competitive measures for unlocking competition in digital platform markets.