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Tesla Agrees To Open Parts Of Charging Network To Rivals

 |  February 15, 2023

Tesla has committed to open 7,500 chargers in the US to other electric vehicles by the end of 2024, Reuters reported. The Biden administration wants at least 500,000 publicly accessible electric vehicle chargers on US roads by 2030.

A White House officials said, they locked a commitment from Tesla to open thousands of its chargers to electric vehicles made by other manufacturers. Until now in the US, Tesla Supercharging stations have been accessible primarily to drivers of the company’s own cars.

Tesla specifically agreed to make at least 7,500 of its publicly accessible chargers in the US available for use by any compatible EV by the end of 2024. That total will include at least 3,500 of Tesla’s 250-kilowatt Superchargers located along key highway corridors, as well as the slower Level 2 destination chargers that the automaker provides at locations like hotels and restaurants, reported Reuters.

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White House infrastructure chief Mitch Landrieu told reporters Tuesday that Elon Musk was one of many automotive sector CEOs involved in discussions with the White House about charging infrastructure last year.

“He was very open, he was very constructive,” Landrieu said. “And at that time, he said his intent was to work with us to make his network interoperable. Everybody else on the call agreed.”

Landrieu added, “It was critically important to us that everybody be included in the conversation.”